• TV screening: Kulturmagazin 'aspekte' ZDF
  • Goethe Institut Australia


1955, Germany is still shattered. The bombed-out cities do not supply adequate living spaces and housing for the people, many of them suffering post-war trauma. Reason enough to start afresh on the other side of the world. Without knowing what to expect, they dive into a great adventure of the unknown. The dream of an easier, more relaxed style of living, inspires and drives them. A typical motive for immigrants to Australia, even in today’s times. The short film clips include an amazing old 8 mm footage archive, courtesy of Hans Bartasek.


  • Production:Goethe Institut Australien
  • Director:Dirk Lienig
  • Camera /Editor:Dirk Lienig
  • Music:Christopher Anderson-Bazzoli
  • 8 mm footage:Hans Bartasek

TV Beitrag 'aspekte' ZDF