Film festivals

  • 2002 FIPA Festival de Programmes Audiovisuelles / Biarritz
  • 2001 Filmkunstfest Schwerin
  • 2009 Darf ich bitten / Film Festival Köln
  • 2024 TV Auswertung: mdr UNICATO das Kurzfilmmagazin


In 1998, Oleg is 38. His dance career is nearly over. Formed in the prestigious school of Saint Petersburg, he has danced for more than 30 years. After s successful period in Russia, he leaves with his wife and daughter for a German theatre, in search of new dreams. His private life and dancing have never made him so happy. In November 2000, the former known as 'Romeo' loses his dreams, his beloved daughter and control of his body, all at once. Oleg tries to forget in an excess of vodka and memories.


  • Director:Dirk Lienig
  • Camera / Editor:Dirk Lienig
  • Duration:12 min.

Interview / mdr UNICATO mit Markus Kavka