• exhibition 'Sundays': Saxon Museum of Industry - Energy Factory Knappenrode / April - October 2013
  • exhibition ' 365 days, 4 city’s': former Centrum department store Hoyerswerda / Juni 2014
  • 'Gallery' Kulturfabrik Hoyerswerda 2014


34 Photographers – 1771 Moments – a whole year
The idea is simple. Different people, who don’t know each other, agree to take a photo each Sunday. And do this for a whole year - 2012. It does not matter where their pictures are taken. The images can be taken on a walk in the city, on a journey, at home in their own apartment. Driving in a car is can be as much a motif as a walk in the forest. The target is to document representative images of every day social life.
34 Photographers finished the project. 1771 Photos are the result. The action started on the first Sunday of 2012 and ended on the last Sunday of that year.

365 days, 4 cities
The idea for the photo project '365 days, 4 cities' came to me when we were working on the photo project 'Sundays'. I had enjoyed the weekly process of taking photos in a group. It gave me a lot of satisfaction. I decided to ask 3 friends from different continents if we wanted to go on taking pictures in the year 2013, but this time daily.
With each of these friends I had once shared a meaningful time of my life. Each of us know this situation: you meet strangers, then you become friends by sharing time and important moments, and then you loose each other again. I was curious what had happened to them, how does their daily life look today?

Above you can see my whole year 2013 with a daily photo.


  • Idea / Art Director:Dirk Lienig
  • A project by the Kulturfabrik Hoyerswerda