• premiere 14 Sept. 2012 / Lausitzhalle Hoyerswerda
  • guest performance: 2013 Huittinen / Finland


The project 'a city dances' of the Kulturfabrik Hoyerswerda goes on. This time the KUFA dance company invites all dance communities of the city to be part of an unique stage performance. The connection is the music of the local song writer Gerhard Gundermann. His music inspires the dancers to create their own interpretation of his words. Each group creates and performs a choreography of one of his songs. Whether a hip hoper, a sport acrobat, or a ballroom dancer, the idea is to unite the whole city in honour of one its famous children.


  • Performer:KUFA Tanzkompanie
  • Choreography:Dirk Lienig
  • Music:Gerhard Gundermann
  • A project by the Kulturfabrik Hoyerwerswerda
  • other dance groups and choreographers:
    • Tanzgruppe Lessing Gymnasium / Inge Bormann
    • Kindertanzgruppe / Astrid Gumprecht
    • Tanygymnastik 50+ / Astrid Gumprecht
    • DDP Dörtes Dance Project / Dörte Freitag
    • Ballettgruppen der Lausitzhalle / Sylvana Schilka
    • Tanz Club Schwarz - Gold / Stefan Kaiser
    • TSC Hoyerswerda / Anita Bauer
    • Sportakrobaten Stadtsportbund Hoyerswerda / Ana
    • Jugendtheatergruppe KUFA / Sabine Proksch