• former 'Centrum' department store Hoyerswerda / 13. - 15. June 2014
  • guest performance Theaterruine St. Pauli Dresden / 11. October 2015
  • guest performance Annaberg Buchholz / 23. October 2015


  • awardee - theatre prize 2014 for the best production with non-professional performers / Saxony Germany


Most of us know this feeling, the conflict between personal calling and work. Or between the things you like to do and the need to learn skills for proper gainful employment. On the job market only those skills which can earn you an income count. Skills which allow you to make a living, or give you the possibility to pay for your leisure. Its a barter business - income for time.
In January 2014, 74 residents of Hoyerswerda are coming together to be part of a unique art project. Their target is to ask and find out about our sacrifices in our modern society. In choreography, interviews and video sequences, based on cinematic portraits of the dancers, they create images of a better social future or they let us participate in the turning points of their own life stories: turning points in which their personal callings were relinquished during their childhood, education, studies and working life.


  • Performer:KUFA Tanzkompanie
  • Directed by:Dirk Lienig
  • Screenplay by:Olaf Winkler / Dirk Heth / Dirk Lienig
  • Choreography:Judith Gamm / Dirk Lienig
  • Music:Igor Strawinsky
  • Technic:phase 7 / Christoph Winkler / Sound & Light Jerominek
  • Light:Lausitzhalle Hoyerswerda GmbH
  • A project of the Kulturfabrik Hoyerswerda
  • Supported:
    • Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen
    • Kulturraum Oberlausitz / Niederschlesien
    • Lausitzcenter
    • Stiftung Lausitzer Braunkohle
    • Stadt Hoyerswerda
    • lienig & baumeister architekten
    • Silke & Ulf Lindner

5 Jahre 'Eine Stadt tanzt'