• Picknickwiese Hoyerswerda 2015
  • KuFa Kunstlandstrich 2015
  • Centrum Warenhaus Hoyerswerda 2018


I asked former residents of Hoyerswerda to send me postcards for a public art installation. More than 140 people answered. The first postcard arrived from Korea, some more came from China, Australia, the United States and Austria. Most of the postcards were sent from Dresden and Berlin. What the postcards visualize is the close relationship those who moved away still felt towards their hometown. The participants wrote about their memories, their youth, what they left behind; about what mattered to them and what didn't; about their first kiss at the youth club, swimming in the now-demolished pools of the neighborhood, the first visit to the disco; but also the frustrating boredom of living in Hoyerswerda.


  • Idea / Art Director:Dirk Lienig