• former 'Centrum' department store Hoyerswerda / 1. - 3. June 2018
  • 120 performer and 1500 visitors


  • Sächsischer Preis für Kulturelle Bildung 2019 "Kultur.LEBT.Demokratie"


Hoyerswerda is new, old, avoided, adored, famous and infamous. Since the collapse of the GDR and the loss of tens of thousands of jobs in the coal mining industry, the “former beauty” has lost its significance as an urban settlement. For the past 30 years, younger generations have been moving away, whole neighborhoods lost their purpose and the destruction and demolition of residential areas transformed the city.
In "Eine Stadt tanzt: Manifest!" 120 amateur dancers, singers and actors, all citizens of Hoyerswerda, report on the eventful history of their hometown. Historical moments of the city's fate are recounted on 5 stages, that were created especially for the production. The dancing, singing and playing citizens tell of the euphoria of the rebuilding years during GDR-times and of the end of this era; of the environmental pollution caused by the local coal mining industry and of its sellout after the fall of the Berlin wall; of the loss of identity and of the departure of their children, friends and neighbours; of the right-wing extremist riots in 1991; of the demolition of their homeland and of the timid attempt to oppose that development.
The final scene of the piece captures the here and now and centers on the performers ideas in order to create a future city they consider worth living in. Their call for effective civic participation in urban development involves the audience into the dialog. All for the future of Hoyerswerda.


  • A project of the Kulturfabrik Hoyerswerda
  • Performer:KuFa Tanzkompanie / Bürgerchor / Theatergruppe ‚einmaldiewoche‘ / Jazz Gitarre Hanno Busch
  • Directed Screenplay by:Dirk Lienig / Olaf Winkler / André Bischof
  • Choreography:Darina Dimitrov / Stéphane Le Breton / Dirk Lienig
  • Choirmaster:André Bischof
  • Stage Setting:Anne Hasselbach / Michael Melerski
  • Sound:Pille Ton
  • Light:voller licht gestaltung Berlin
  • Art Director:Dirk Lienig

Wladimir Kaminer besucht "Eine Stadt tanzt"