• Saxon Museum of Industry - Energy Factory Knappenrode


For five months 40 children and adults worked hard on a theatre piece which tells the story of their home town. A delicate task. Hoyerswerda lost half of its population in the last decade, whole parts of the city were demolished. Young adults and friends left, searching for their happiness in foreign places. Places from their childhood memories no longer exist. Three times a week the citizens of Hoyerswerda rehearsed in an old sports hall. Almost no-one had done this before. They had no previous experience on stage or performing in front of an audience or camera. But the effort was worth it. The participants performed confidently on stage in the choreography and video interviews. The emotional personal perceptions of their shrinking city are very powerful.


  • Performer:KUFA Tanzkompanie
  • Director / Screenplay:Dirk Lienig
  • Choreography:Judith Gamm / Dirk Lienig
  • Costumes:Katrin Münzberg
  • Video Production:Dirk Lienig
  • Technic & Light:Firma Brettschneider Dresden
  • Video & Visualisation:Golden Cat Entertainment
  • A project by the Kulturfabrik Hoyerswerda
  • supported by:
    • Energiefabrik Knappenrode
    • Stadt Hoyerswerda
    • Kulturraum Oberlausitz / Niederschlesien

TV Beitrag über das Tanzprojekt